Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Estate Planning and Wealth TransferEvery individual and family with any assets will experience wealth transfer. Unfortunately for many who have not planned, wealth transfer is directed by the State in which they lived and often results in emotional and financial morass. Every one of our clients has wealth transfer planning needs. Many have outdated estate documents and some have none at all.

Most people think of wealth transfer planning as encompassing only the leaving of property to their heirs. However, there is a living aspect to estate planning. What happens if you are incapacitated? Who will help you? Just because you have a spouse or adult relatives does not mean they can, will, or should automatically step into your shoes. They must have legal authority. A financial planner will address all possible situations by discussing each incapacity-related decision in terms of family, financial, and tax considerations with you, your estate attorney and your tax professional and by developing comprehensive strategies for your particular situation.

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If you’ve been working hard and investing steadily for years you may feel confident that you have enough resources to live well and not feel overly concerned for your financial future. Your next consideration may be how to build a legacy for your family and future generations. No matter what your asset level, working with a financial planner to clarify your values and make plans for the transfer and management of your wealth can be an essential part of this process.

Most people have a general idea about what they hope to accomplish with what they have accumulated but may be unaware of the multitude of considerations and options available for realizing their goals. By working with a financial planner to crystallize your strategy and to clearly and regularly communicate with your family about your basic philosophy of transferring assets, you can establish clear expectations and avoid divisive surprises.

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