Financial Planning

Financial Planning GraphicFinancial Planning is a systematic approach in which a financial planner works in tandem with client(s) to maximize the clients’ existing financial resources and, using financial tools, help them achieve their financial goals.

In other words, Financial Planning is the process of working with a planner to meet your life goals through proper budgeting, thoughtful management of your finances and careful evaluation of each major financial decision before making a financial commitment.

Life goals can include: buying a home, saving for your children’s education or planning for retirement (financial independence). It is a process that consists of specific steps that help you to take a big-picture look at where you are financially. Using these steps we can help you determine where you are now, what you may need in the future and assist you in mapping out what needs to be done to successfully reach your goals.

If you’d like to get a Second Opinion about your current financial plan, contact us using our Online Contact Form, or give us a call: (503) 291-1313.

Our meetings with financial planning clients involve in-depth exploration of the following areas:

  • Financial Planning: Goal-setting through exploring and development of your dreams, hopes and desires. Charting a path to move you and your loved ones from where you are now, to where you want to be. We can help you by tracking and measuring the movement toward those goals over time.
  • Employee Benefits Analysis: We perform a thorough analysis of the benefits offered via your employer(s), and/or analyze the value of potential employment opportunities.
  • 401(k)/403(b) Allocations: We review and analyze your employer sponsored investment plans and provide recommendations, within the constraints of your particular plan(s), on how they can best complement your other investments and provide you a well-diversified portfolio.
  • IRA’s: Roth or Traditional? Rollover from previous plans? Combine existing IRA’s? We will assist you in determining the most beneficial choices for your situation and explain the available options in a clear, concise manner.
  • Risk Management Analysis: Are the assets that you currently own properly protected? What about your future earnings? We will provide a thorough exploration of this subject, along with referrals to local professionals who will treat you with the respect and consideration our clients deserve.
  • Tax Reduction Planning & Strategies: We work with your attorney(s) and CPA to minimize your tax liabilities both now and in the future, particularly in the area of inter-generational wealth transfer.
  • Auto/Home/RV Purchase Planning: These are major purchases that can have a significant impact on achieving your other financial goals. We analyze the full cost and impact of these purchases and show the ramifications they may have on your savings, not just now, but into the future. We explore ways to minimize the impact of the purchase on your other goals, and also review what the optimum timing of such a purchase might be for your individual situation.

If you are interested in getting a Second Opinion about your current financial plan, call us at (503) 291-1313, or use our Online Contact Form to schedule a complimentary, no obligation introductory meeting.

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