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CJ&A opens Second Opinion
The following is from a letter we mailed to our clients recently: You may have heard that I sold my financial planning practice. Over the years we have heard from clients and prospects about their fears, distrusts and disappointment with other financial advisors. Because I believe people deserve honest answers about all their financial matters […]
What Do You Pay Us For?
As of October 2015, Chuck Jones & Associates no longer sells, trades, manages or represents clients in financial matters. Rather, we charge a fee for providing our clients with a Second Opinion – an honest and unbiased review of their current financial plans. We earn nothing in addition. There are no commissions and no hidden […]
Working With Fiduciaries
Understanding The Responsibility of the Power of Attorney (POA) and Fiduciary: We learned recently why it is so important to clearly understand the requirements if you are designated as a POA. For example your loved one has Alzheimer’s and you’re the POA and your loved one tells a medical worker that the POA took $500 […]
Digital Death – What is it?
Digital death. What is it and what should you do about it? The Internet may be forever, but can you control your legacy. If you died tonight, would your family, your partners, your executors, know what to do with your digital footprint? Would they even know your unique passwords especially the more secure sites where […]
January 2014 Newsletter
Greetings from Chuck Jones & Associates, Inc. This month we attached a reprint of an article from the publication, Imprimis titled “The Case for Repealing Dodd-Frank.” The first page of our newsletter has an introduction from Chuck stating why this article is so timely and helpful in our understanding of the 2008 Financial Crisis. Click […]
December 2013 Newsletter
Click on the following link to read our online Newsletter (PDF): – December 2013 Newsletter In This Issue A recap of Chuck’s attendance at the Estate Planning Council of Portland meetings and Chuck & Andrew’s speech to the OSCPA Some information about IRA’s and distribution “How Much Do You Need To Have For Financial Independence” […]
October 2013 Newsletter
Click on the following link to read our online Newsletter: – October 2013 Newsletter In This Issue Saving Is Not Enough Do You Have a Job-Loss Safety Net? Five Lessons from the Three-Year Market Rally The Risks of Over-Allocated Funds Plus, Chuck’s Tips “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.”- Woody Allen
August 2013 Newsletter
Click on the following link to read our online Newsletter: – August 2013 Newsletter In This Issue So You’re Ready For Retirement, Or Are You? Benefits of Staying Invested Through Market Volatility Chuck’s Comments, Tips & Information “Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy or stupid. Those things are what happen […]
June 2013 Newsletter
Click on the following link to read our online Newsletter: – June 2013 Newsletter In This Issue The Importance of Rebalancing Chuck’s Tips The Art of Asset Allocation The Importance of Saving for Women Retirement Investing Q&A The Flavors of Investing “You can either take action, or you can hang back and hope for a […]
May 2013 Newsletter
Click on the following link to read our online Newsletter: – May 2013 Newsletter In This Issue Making up for Retirement Shortfalls 25 Ways to Cut Expenses Chuck’s Tips Financial Prep for Natural Disaster

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